Friday, March 14, 2008

The North American Sperm Tree

So the tree in my front's a Bradford Pear. They are very popular trees as they grow quickly, bloom early, and are quite pretty. The problem? They STINK! OMG, they smell SO badly. What do they smell like? SPERM! Blech! I am not even kidding (and at this point I'm thinking to myself "I sure hope my dad is not reading this..."). I first made this observation last year. Where I worked, there was a long line of these pretty trees. I was walking past them to my car trying not to be asphyxiated by the odor when it occurred to me. The stench was overwhelming.

Yesterday, The Husband and I went for our ride (4.25 mi!). As I said, the trees are in full bloom and I told him what I thought. When I asked him if he agreed, he yelled "I do NOW! Thanks a lot!" LOL!


  1. Ugh! That's is funny and disgusting all at once! :) Poor husband will never look at those trees the same again...:)

  2. Thanks a lot Wen - now I will not be able to get into or out of school once the trees bloom without a: gagging and b: laughing histerically. Think Kay Kay will think I have lost my mind or not care enough to ask?


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