Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Deadlines & Sports

Sorry I've been MIA...tomorrow is a big deadline at work (and guess who is so freaking tired she can't stand it?!) I've been working extra late all week and am hoping to get back to my regular schedule soon.

The Boy received a call from his new baseball coach this evening. He is not on the team he'd hoped (same coach as football) but he is elated that he is on the Yankees...his all-time favorite baseball team. You should have seen the grin! It was adorable. So now, in addition to The Girl's gymnastics (2 hrs twice/week) we have The Boy's baseball (2 hrs most likely 3 days/week...Saturday being one of them). Looks like Family Fun Day will be on hold till the end of baseball season!


  1. No! I love hearing about Family Fun (Sometimes Mommy Torture) Day! I feel your pain. I have one starting soccer today and two threatening to play football next season. Who's idea was it to have so many kids?!?!?

  2. Well...I *did* stop half way to your total!! :)

  3. I know the feeling. This spring we have Katie and Emma in softball on different teams so they practice different nights, then Sara wants to do t-ball. Go,go,go!!!


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