Friday, March 7, 2008

Dreary Days

It’s raining. A lot. This is actually good since we’ve been in a drought for a considerable amount of time and “THEY” say there is no chance to get out of our deficit before summer begins, which only means we’re screwed for next year already! It is supposed to rain the rest of tonight and through tomorrow afternoon. All the same, something about dull, rainy days just puts me in a funky mood. It doesn’t help that The Girl is sick again. She said she did not feel well this morning, but she does that sometimes. WE thought she was just tired. We tried to take her temperature but the batteries in the thermometer were dead. (We’ve become so reliant on technology that we do not even OWN a regular, old fashioned, under the tongue thermometer!) We sent her to school. Around 8:45 this morning, her school called. I could not leave work so I phoned The Husband who promptly left his office and brought The Girl home. (I should mention at this point that they BOTH had nice naps…I know because I phoned The Husband to check on The Girl…I woke The Husband!) So, The Girl really is sick. She slept till nearly 2pm and when I took her temp about half an hour ago, it was 104*. Looks like it is going to be a gloomy weekend.


  1. Argh... I hope she's not getting the flu. Hope she gets to feeling better.

  2. Be glad it is only rain - we are getting the same thing in the snow version. I will send you a picture. You will not believe how much we have one the ground and it is still snowing. The kids are going to freak out when they wake up. I guess I better get ready to start the *get them into dry clothes, *make hot chocolate, *send them back outside, *start the washer saga. Yeah me! Good times.


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