Saturday, March 8, 2008

Murphy's Law

This morning, The Husband woke me up at the ungodly hour of bright and early at 7am. I was so pissed happy to be starting my day at that time. It was, of course, rainy and dreary out. I managed to drag my ass jump out of bed and make coffee. The Husband was telling me how we were going to go out for a ride/run (he jogs while I ride along on my bike). I looked outside and told him he was crazy.

The rain let up so we decided to take advantage of the break. Off we went! The Girl, who is still sick, was still asleep. The Boy was up and playing on the PS2. We left a walkie-talkie with him and we went on our way.

The ride was very pleasant, to be honest. The sun had started to peep out and, aside from the occasional puddles and hills, it was not a bad ride. The goal was to go out for 45 minutes and while we *could* have done that all inside our neighborhood, we decided to venture out onto a trail for a bit. As we were leaving the neighborhood, I asked The Husband if he was sure it would be OK to cross the street. He assured me all would be well.

We finished our ride, which, as I said, turned out to be rather pleasant. When I went into the house, I noticed all the doors in the hallway were closed. I went to The Boy and asked him why. He said the bathroom was flooded. Sure enough, I walked in and there was water EVERYWHERE! The Boy said it was getting ready to overflow so he went to get the plunger and tried it once but the water kept coming so he dropped the plunger, shut the door and ran! He said he had called us on the walkie-talkie but apparently, we had gone just out of range. The Boy helped me clean up the mess and all was well. I told The Boy how proud I was of him that he (1) did not panic and (2) made sure to close all the doors.

Next time we go for a morning outing, we'll make sure the kids know NOT to go pottie while we're gone!


  1. lmao What is it with kids and bathrooms? I came home Friday afternoon (lower school had no school) to a pile of wet towels outside the bathroom door and a little sign that read "out of order". Well, I guess this shows that we are raising children who are capable of handling situations that may arise while we are away. Good to know. LOL

  2. When our toilet started overflowing once about a year ago, that is exactly what I did, too! Shut the door and ran. It seemed like a job for my husband.

  3. OMG!! Good for C for not freaking out! I would have probably freaked out. Read your other post, glad little Ms. E is feeling better. Good for you on the exercising! :)


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