Sunday, April 6, 2008

Ahhh - vacation...NOT

The Boy and The Girl are now officially on spring break. Unlucky for them, they had to come to work with me on Friday. They were not bad...they watched a few movies. I, unfortunately, did not get a whole lot done either, for I, too, was sucked in by the flashy box. They watched Cheaper By the Dozen and High School Musical 2, neither of which I'd actually seen. Like I said, not an overly productive day for me (although several other people stopped in for a bit to watch!). SO...I'm home all week this week with the kids. In an attempt to be sure I have (1) productive time, (2) time to myself, and (3) some semblance of a vacation, I signed the kids up for part-day spring break activity camps. At first, they were both to go to a fitness camp at the local health club. I was excited by the prospect of 4 hrs/day alone in my own home.

On Thursday, The Boy came home with a football camp flyer. As you well know, The Boy loves football. We had been looking for the football camp flyer to come home for some time but when we never saw it, we figured the football camp had been cancelled. It wasn't. After much internal turmoil as to what to do (the camp times overlap and while The Boy *could* do both, he would miss out on a significant portion of the football camp) I found out I could, indeed, get a full refund from the fitness camp. He is now going to football camp. He was so relieved and happy that he actually became teary-eyed!

What does that mean for me? vacation! The Boy's camp is 11 - 2:30 and The Girl's (she is still doing the fitness one) is 1-5. At best, I get about an hour to myself. And you know what? I wouldn't change it. To see how happy they both are about their prospective camps is worth my giving up "me time" any day.

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  1. So, that's what replaces naps when they get older...I need to get my son some hobbies in preparation!


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