Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's always the girls...

I don't even know when it all started, but it's always been The Girl! In 2004, we thought she broke her elbow during cheerleading camp. It turned out to be sprained. Then, in 2005 (New Year's Eve, to be exact), she was bitten in the face by a dog which resulted in her getting 10 stitches. A year or so later, she hit her head on a coffee table and got three more stitches. We had a quiet spell. Then, last night, she was hit in the head with a baseball. The ball smacked her face just in front of her temple. The doctor implied a mere centimeter could have made a tremendous difference. Luckily, she is fine.

She's only 9. How am I supposed to prepare for what comes next?!

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  1. Yeah. Good luck with that. A friend of mine is a walking accident and has literally been to every hospital in the city (almost all sports-related injuries). I have a feeling you just might be in for the same!


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