Saturday, May 3, 2008

A bit of an update

First and foremost – the “trouble” at work has been resolved and all are happy again.

So…where have I been? We had a yard sale last Saturday. It went well. It was very odd – things sold that I was not expecting to sell. There were three families involved and every book and article of clothing sold (adult AND child)! The Husband had a pair of scuba fins and I managed to sell those as well…separate from the booties which someone bought earlier. It was a fun and productive morning that was followed by a trip to the airport to pick-up my mother-in-law. She is here for a week (leaving today, actually). Sunday was somewhat of a blur. My mother-in-law brought Easter eggs so The Boy and The Girl could have their Easter egg hunt with Grandma…an event they hold dear to their hearts (if for no other reason than for the money in the eggs)! After that, I dropped them off at that enormous, obnoxious mega-store we all love to hate and I went to work for a few hours. Of course, they were still shopping when I returned! The Girl came home with a bunch of Hannah Montana stuff and The Boy just got a few things – I can’t even remember what!

The rest of this past week was a blur of activity…work, sports, and late nights because of sports! One of the highlights was that The Girl did a cartwheel on the balance beam. We are all pretty excited about that. She keeps prancing around telling people it is a level 5 skill because she is in level 2 gymnastics. It’s cute. She is going to try out for the competitive team in two weeks. It’s a huge time commitment – 9 hours/week in the gym – but I know she wants to try so we will support her.

The Boy is half-way through the baseball season and it is going well enough. Not the best year for him but he is holding his own. I’m not thrilled with his coach, who seems to have NO motivational tendencies, but there is nothing we can do. Last night, his team was ahead all game but my mother-in-law was certain they were losing because they were all moping around in the dugout! (They won the game but there was little to no excitement…VERY odd).

Hopefully, I can keep on top of this blog better in the coming weeks! I am thinking of adding photos…just have to get the camera out and actually BRING IT WITH ME when I traipse about!


  1. Glad to "hear" that life is smoothing out a bit!


  2. Have missed your posts! Good to 'see' you back!!


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