Thursday, April 24, 2008

The rule of threes

So I've always heard death comes in threes...and really bad news, too. Does it follow, then, that all stupid and/or crappy stuff comes in threes? Because me? I'm done for today. I've had my three. I officially bow out for the rest of the day.

The first crappy thing happened at work. It is a seemingly minor thing but it is an injustice all the same and the more I think about it, the angrier I get. Stewing, of course, makes matters worse. I was so peeved on my way home that I totally forgot to pick-up the kids. That *should* have been a sign...I should have left them at aftercare!!

I pick up the kids and learn, on the drive home, that, unbeknownst to me, they SIT on their bus EVERY morning for a good 10-15 minutes...or more...AT THE SCHOOL. Apparently, they sit there waiting for the "bus bell" to ring. At that time, and ONLY then, the bus driver releases them off the bus. WTF?! This is not a small school. There is a gymnasium. There is an auditorium. There is a cafeteria. These are three different rooms - it is not a school with an "cafegymnatorium." WHY are children forced to sit on a bus rather than enter the school? It reminds me of the day I had to drive them to school because the bus did not show up and I had to leave for work. Again...stupid rules. So I'm really pissed right now because I'm still trying to figure out what idiot decided it was OK for the kids to have to sit on the bus listening to the driver lecture them about whatever he is pissed about that particular morning.

Then, after we got home, I had a tiny bit of work to do. The Boy had asked for ice cream as a snack today. I said yes. I had been in a celebratory mood earlier because The Girl's teacher emailed me to tell me The Girl earned her Multiplication License today and would receive said license tomorrow. My mood, having already soured from the injustice at work and then the news of the bus, was not particularly great. Next thing I know The Boy and The Girl are at it FULL force in the kitchen. She is screaming - he is yelling. They come to me (one in each ear, of course) pleading their respective cases. I dismiss them so I can finish but they won't have it. They continue to fight and scream and raise holy hell. It got so bad that I had to separate them...for the rest of the day! The Girl's tantrum was bigger so I allowed The Boy to have his snack first. Now, it's The Girl's turn.

And no...there is NO ice cream today; however, heavy drinking IS on the horizon...


  1. Ugh, that's definitely an "alcohol is in my immediate future" kind of day, for sure! :(

  2. Don't get pissed get on your bike and go. Tell them Mother is out of service. Have a wonderful day Ted

  3. Ugh. Sorry about your day. Makes you wonder why you even got outta bed...

  4. I suggest a rum and Coke. It works for me!


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