Monday, May 19, 2008

Look - a milestone!

So this is it...a 100th post! I wouldn't have even noticed if I had not seen it on my dashboard. Kinda makes me wish I had something magnificent to share...some sage wisdom or humorous anecdote. Alas, neither is the case.

I simply came to post that The Boy seems to be climbing out of his baseball slump. He had a hell of a game tonight and I had to miss most of it. The Girl had a program at school this evening so I took her and The Husband took The Boy. The Girl's program finished in just under an hour so we raced over to The Boy's game in time to see him "close out" the game. They were ahead by 3 runs at the top of the 5th inning. After the pitcher let a run score, The Boy went in to pitch. He struck-out the first batter, walked the second, and the third hit a pop-up that was not caught but the 2nd baseman was able to tag the runner for the final out. I missed his at-bats but he went 2 for 2, which was nice. He started the season so well but then fell into a slump. The Husband swears it was the gum...I jacked things up by buying him bubble gum at the games. Apparently, this threw off The Boy's concentration...much like his mother, he cannot chew gum and play ball at the same time! Who knew?!

The team is still in last place, but their record is now 4 and 8. There are two games left...maybe they can finish the season 6 and 8.


  1. I hope my girls, or at least one, ends up playing ball.


  2. Congratulation!! Okay, stand up on your feet and do the happy dance. Now stir the chili!! Whoo hoo!

  3. Please don't hate me but I tagged you!


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