Friday, June 13, 2008

Change is NOT going to do me good!

So there are some changes at work. I guess "changes" is not the word I'm looking for. "Moves" is the appropriate word. There is a significant amount of moving - from one place to another. It's a huge rotation of sorts and it has thrown me into a complete tizzy. It's not that I'm an overly organized person...on the contrary, if you saw my desk, you'd wonder how in the heck I find ANYTHING. However, I *am* completely OCD about stuff at work. I do a whole lot of color coding so I can manage things. One of my friends teases me relentlessly but we both know it is because she's jealous of my amazing color-coding abilities!

That being said, I am a part of this massive rotation. It wouldn't be so bad if it was a slower (or more organized) process but it is not. Everything has been rushed. The gentleman who is moving to MY space is starting something new Tuesday and has to be organized. I managed to get all my crap out of my old place today but the new place is a WRECK! I'm serious...there are stacks of papers EVERYWHERE. I know there is a desk but even *I* can't find it! It's bugging the crap out of me but the thing is - I can't get in there and get everything organized because, as I said, it's a circular move of sorts and it's not "time" for me to get organized. How am I supposed to relax and take time off with my kids when my brain is going CRAZY?!

I'm thinking that if I can manage to drink enough alcohol, I will no longer CARE that my place of employment is a complete freaking disaster...anyone else wanna come?

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