Sunday, June 15, 2008


Way back in September of 2001, I got a letter from my doctor saying I'd had an abnormal pap. No biggie...happens a lot for some people. It had never happened to me but whatever. I went in again and had it redone. The second letter said the same thing - abnormal. Hmm...OK. No need to panic. I called my mom who, in an attempt to cheer me up, catapulted me into a depression of sorts by saying "well, worst case scenario, you'll have a hysterectomy and that's that." Um...OK. I really hadn't even let my brain GO there yet, but thanks, Mom.

By November, I was seeing a specialist of sorts. He ran lots of tests and did multiple biopsies and other procedures. Ever have a uterine biopsy? WOW, that sucks. The first time, I thought I was going to pass out from the pain. I felt myself going but 'shook it off' which I later realized was a mistake. Had I passed out, it would not have hurt! LOL! The second time I had the biopsy was worse because I knew what to expect! I'm a wus when it comes to pain, so I was worried sick about this.

In March, 2002, Mom's words came to fruition. I had a hysterectomy. That was difficult. I was only 33. Yes, I had kids, and the insensitive people around me said "Oh - it's OK - you have a boy and a girl so you're done anyway." Um...who said I was finished just because I had a boy and girl? Maybe I wanted more. Truth be told, I wanted four children. The Husband wanted two and we agreed to have three (but I was still going to go for four). Obviously, that was not the case. After The Girl was born, we were told not to have more because the doctor was not sure my body (specifically, my uterus) could handle another pregnancy. Still, I didn't like knowing it was no longer even possible to have another child.

That happened over 6 years ago and I've come to peace with it. What bothers me now is the notion that, like my uterus, another part of my body is betraying me. While I'm not in excellent shape or anything (although I swear to you round is a shape and I do it well), I take pretty decent care of my body. I just want it on record that it is not fair that my body is not treating me as well as I've treated it.


  1. It's not fair; you're right. No one in their thirties should have to go through that. No one.

  2. Ah, yes...I know that feeling of betrayal...The tumor which enveloped and destroyed my right ovary was called a "teratoma" (Latin for "monster" LOL) - it is a type of tumor which contains traces of blood, hair, and even bone (mine had bone). Since then, I was pretty pissed at my body for trying to recreate itself (or another "being") to its own detriment. LOL!

    Try to think about it as "circumstances pertaining to your body" betraying you, not your body itself...most likely, it's most probably environmental or otherwise external factors which relate to your body that has caused the issue to crop up in the first place. *hug*

  3. I remember when you had to do all that. Scary stuff. Your right, sometimes life isn't fair...



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