Tuesday, June 17, 2008

GOOD morning

So I'm having a good day. I don't mean that in the sense that people who are ill have good days and bad days. I mean it in the sense that things are REALLY going well today...things are falling into place. That is SO uncommon and I'm marveling in it. I even have a stupid grin on my face right now! Lucky for you I am not broadcasting said stupid grin all over the internet!

I had to run by the doctor's office to have lab work done. For the past 5+ years, I've been told to have fasting labs done (you know...cholesterol, etc,) and I've never been able to get to it. We've lived on the other side of town from the hospital and I had The Boy and The Girl to contend with...and there was work. Who in their right mind would intentionally go all day without eating just for some blood work?! Yesterday, at the doctor's office, they cornered me...I really had no reason I could not come in this morning and have blood drawn. Drat! They had told me I could drink coffee if I wanted but it had to be black coffee. Blech! Then, thinking he was helping, the doctor offered that I could put Splenda in it. Double Blech!! I don't use sweetener in my coffee but I don't like it black. I like milk - and skim milk at that - in my coffee. (Pause here while I take a sip of my coffee!) So, I went in and I swear, I was not in the office more than 15 minutes! Astonishing! But, my good morning did not end there!

I came home and saw I'd missed a call from a colleague with whom I'm going on a business trip. I phoned her back and we chatted a bit. We are somewhat new to the whole business trip thing and, although we've been watching hotel rates, we had yet to book one (we've known of this upcoming trip for almost 2 months)! We chose our hotel and I phoned to make the reservation. After some joking around with the woman who makes reservations, I ended up with a rate $20/night lower than the lowest rate they showed on their website. It may not be much, but I was thrilled. Then, I had another call to make - I am taking the place of another colleague at a seminar this weekend. That switch could not have been easier. The woman on the phone was most pleasant.

I have one more call to make - to order some books from a local book store - and I'm sure that will go well too. So, here I sit, enjoying my coffee and fending off that caffeine headache I felt coming on just before my trip to the doctor! Life is good.


  1. I've had to do one of the fasting blood work things, and it did NOT go that fast! You are most certainly having a good day. Maybe you ought to go play the lottery?

  2. Wow, don't you wish days like this never end?


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