Monday, June 2, 2008

On to the playoffs

Tonight was the first night of playoffs for The Boy's baseball team. His team finished 8th and they played the team that finished 9th. The game was supposed to be played on Friday evening but after waiting 45 minutes for an umpire to show, the game was postponed to tonight.

It was hot today and our side was sitting directly in the sun. Apparently, that works for our boys because they won the game 13-3; it was called after 4 innings due to the 10-run rule. A friend of mine has a son on the other team and we were teasing each other that each of our sons' teams had better lose so the season would be over would win. OK - Busted. It's true. We both wanted our kids to lose so the season would be over. As I said, The Boy's team won. At the end of the game, my friend thanked me!

Tomorrow night is game two of the series; The Boy's team plays the number 1 team. The Girl has her very first practice with her gymnastics team as well. Her practice is 3:30 - 5:30. Guess what time The Boy's game starts. You're's at 5:45. Guess where it is. is two towns over. Guess who is working late. Wow - you guys are good at this! You're right - The Husband! Last one. Guess who is going to do some heavy drinking at the end of the night if she manages to pull everything off and NOT get a speeding ticket! OK - too easy. You all win.

The prize? Oh - that's a day in my life!! :)

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  1. Don't you have a friend on the Boy's team who can pick him up for the game before the end of the Girl's practice?


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