Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My secret addiction

Well, I guess it's not going to be a secret anymore! it goes.

I LOVE the Food Network.

OK. I said it. Out loud. In public. (OK - this is as public as it gets so get over it.) I will watch it all day. I especially love Challenge. They do such cool stuff on that show. Of course I love Paula Deen and my all time favorite show is Good Eats with Alton Brown. The guy is a genius. OK - he's corny, sure, but he's fascinating.

The Husband. Well, he's not a big Food Network fan (big surprise). HOWEVER, it should be noted that he will watch Semi-Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee. Of course, what guy wouldn't? Have you ever seen this show? OMG, every time the woman says the word "lemon" we all feel a little dirty!

So...there I was this afternoon, Food Network on, and I'm cooking dinner. Actually, it's tomorrow's dinner. I'm making lasagna and everyone knows that has to be made a day in advance for it to be any good! It takes me two TV shows to finish my ONE pan of lasagna. Nothing fancy...traditional lasagna (but I prefer to boil my pasta). It is almost embarrassing that on TV, these "quick meal" shows are on and in the time it takes me to make ONE meal...and not even a complete one at that because I've not made salad or anything else to go with the lasagna...the woman on TV made 4 different dinners!! Four. Dinners. in One. Half. Hour! I swear if I lived in TV time, my life would be easier too!


  1. Why didn't anyone warn us about this kind of behavior before we GOT the dogs?! Sheesh!

    Also, I share your love of Food Network, only we don't have it anymore. I nearly cried. How am I supposed to make it through the day without Alton Brown?!

  2. I LOVE the Food Network! I have much love for Rachel Ray-- she's just so goofy, it's cute. I don't like her so much now that she's BFF with Oprah, but she's still pretty funny.

    Oh, and I could very easily leave my husband for Alton Brown. No question.


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