Thursday, July 10, 2008

And now, it's The Dog's turn

Two weeks ago, I took The Dog to the vet for her shots. While we were there, I pointed out a spot on The Dog’s head. It was rather small and looked like someone spilled a spot of bleach on her. The Dog also has other bumps and spots; the vet checked them all. She said not to worry or concern myself with any of them for now. However, if there were changes, I should let her know.

We boarded The Dog for our trip to VA. When I picked her up on Monday, I noticed the spot on her head was no longer a spot but rather a bump…and a significant one at that. I realize that, at times, she does act mischievous and this horn was proof that she is, in fact, a spawn of the devil!

That being said, I went ahead and made an appointment for her to go back to the vet. The vet (who, incidentally, is very funny) agreed it might be The Dog’s true identity exposing itself but, more likely, it was a minor skin irritation Boxers are prone to and since there was such a significant change in such a short amount of time, perhaps it required further investigation. While she is there, The Dog will have all her other bumps and skin tags removed. She has an appointment for Monday. In the meantime, we are to draw a picture of The Dog and mark all spots we want removed. The Husband will not be happy to learn that we cannot, in fact, have her “bark” removed.

The Girl is very anxious to make this drawing and I will post it when she finishes it. I, on the other hand, intend to attack The Dog with some white-out and simply mark the spots that way. I feel it will be easier to identify them that way (and the vet agrees).

If you’re prone to such things, well wishes for The Dog are in order. Thanks!


  1. We'll keep thinking Positive Thoughts for The Dog--hope everything goes well for you all! BTW, I'm new to blogging and I'm running a Great Giveaway on my blog this week. Please stop in--I'd love to see ya, SITSta!

  2. get well soon, Dog!
    grandma elf

  3. She looks so depressed! Good luck my four legged friend.

  4. Aaah She looks so sad. Bella wanted me to send her best wishes for her visit to the vet.

  5. That's a bit of a bummer. I like my dogs to be vet trip free as much as possible. Good luck, Dog!


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