Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Return of Family Fun Day

Last night, The Husband was on the phone with a friend who had planned to go mountain bike racing today. The Husband had said no because he has been working a lot lately and has only had one day off per week for the past two weeks. He knew I would not be happy with his taking off to go ride. Knowing he's been in a crappy mood lately (because of work) I said he *should* go race. We looked up the race, saw it was at a big county park, and decided to reinstate Family Fun Day.

Instead of sleeping in, I packed a picnic lunch and we headed out for the day. We'd have brought The Dog but she's not all that into behaving around other people. We got to the park with no trouble and the kids wandered around while The Husband got ready for the race. Finally, it was time to begin. The kids and I placed our chairs along the route and, of course, I brought the camera along. It was quite fun and we enjoyed cheering everyone along.

Here's the start. The Husband is third from the right (247).

This was the first time The Husband rode this trail so he was not particularly happy after lap 1. He crashed somewhere along the loop!

Feeling much better at the end of lap 2, The Husband was in the groove...He was totally attacking the climb.

As I said, the finish is a somewhat steep climb. Just as he was coming around the curve to the finishing climb, The Husband's shoe came unclipped. It would take too much time to clip in and climb the hill so he improvised.

It should be noted that The Husband did, in fact, run past the bike you see in the far right corner and finished before him. I think the man was a bit unhappy about that. Everyone around cheered, though! In fact, The Husband's friends, who finished considerably behind him, even heard of the guy who ran his bike up the hill to the finish racing ALL THE WAY!


  1. Congrats to The Husband, and good for you--it's nice to take an event like that and make it into a family occasion! BTW, I'm hosting another Great Pop'rs Giveaway, starting tomorrow. Aunt Julie is planning a rehearsal dinner in honor of Big Bear and Little Red's upcoming wedding, and she needs your help! Please join the fun tomorrow on my blog, by helping Aunt Julie out!!

  2. Oooh fun! I just to do these types of races too! And then my health insurance coverage ran out, so I backed off a bit! Family fun day sounds like something I'll have to do when MY redhead is older.


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