Friday, August 22, 2008

A few things...

So this going to work every day thing is kicking my butt! Taking the kids is even worse! The Husband took them Wednesday...I had meetings all day long. I only spent about two hours actually doing stuff and that was after about 6 hrs of meetings! Have I mentioned I'm not a fan of meetings?!

Today I am not bringing kids to work. Nor is the husband. Today, we have a babysitter. Woohoo! It was a bit of a last minute thing but I'm looking forward to getting some actual work done.

Someone once asked me what my least favorite characteristic in a person was. I believe I answered conceit. I have decided that is not it. My new answer is smugness. I can't stand smug people. Narrow-mindedness comes in a close second, but that smug attitude, which is oftentimes paired with a superiority complex, just puts me over the edge.

What's yours? What characteristic really puts YOU over the edge?

Thank you all for the happy anniversary wishes. We are *finally* going to have time to go out and celebrate this weekend.


  1. People that interrupt drives me insane!!! For *(^)*& sake let me finish what I am saying LOL Have a great weekend!

  2. People who think they're better than you drive me nuts.
    Intitlement also gets under my skin.
    I have to add dishonesty to the list as well.
    Can I keep going??

  3. I can't stand it when people think they are always right and insist on telling you so. I did used to be that person in my early 20's but then I realized that I couldn't be arsed to argue it out with someone. Who cares, as long as I know I am right. So now when someone tells me something and they insist they are right, I say "oh you must be right, I was thinking of something else" but inside my head I am thinking "you are so wrong and I am so right!"!!!

  4. Smugness and conceit walk hand-in-hand, I do believe. HATE it.

    Enjoy the kid-free time!

  5. Oh, Molly - I nearly spit my tea! I should adopt that - but you KNOW I'd be *singing* it in my head!

  6. NEGATIVITY!!!!!!!!! I mean, we all have our off moments and gripes... but for example, where I work we have a client who stops in about once a week. Something is ALWAYS wrong, she always looks and sounds like her dog just died, she gives a laundry list of the ways society has wronged her in the last week. Sometimes I just want to shake her and say "I PROMISE YOU THERE IS SOMEONE OUT THERE WORSE OFF THAN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!"

    I can't stand negativity. Vent, get it out, then MOVE ON!!!

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