Thursday, August 28, 2008

I'd like to thank the academy...

I went to the nail salon today. The Girl had gymnastics and the salon is around the corner so I made my appointment while she was there. The Boy was, of course, with me. As soon as I told him where we were going, the drama started. It really wasn't all that bad until we stepped into the salon. I guess he thought Spielberg was going to be there or something because he laid it on thick!

Oh. My. God! We go in and he immediately starts choking and gagging. He actually manages to get tears going. "My throat! It's BURNING!" Seriously? You have got to be kidding. I know the nail place doesn't smell the best...there is that chemical smell...but still! The owner's kids are in there all the time. I realize they're used to the smell, but if it was even HALF as toxic as The Boy implied, those kids should have been dead by now. Twice. Or even more than that!

Of course, I could not ignore him, nor could I let it go. I did what any other self-respecting mother would do in that situation. I told him to shut up. It didn't really help all that much but the cowering he did in the corner was a nice add-on for those watching the show. (Where is the eye-rolling icon when you need it?)

Eventually, he stopped his charade. I had given him a piece of gum and then The Husband phoned. The Boy asked to speak to The Husband (no doubt to tell The Husband of the horrors to which he was being exposed, and to for a merciful rescue). After their conversation, the drama stopped. All was quiet until the girl who does my nails asked what that was all about. When I told her, she burst out laughing in a full-on hearty guffaw!

And the winner for best comedy drama in a nail salon goes to...The Boy!


  1. rYour lucky you even got him to go in there! My son would be like noooooooooooo way!!!!

  2. That sounds like my daughter whenever we go anywhere that has a "smell".

    Problem is ... here, everything smells!

  3. Awww how I miss the boy and the dramatics. It must be the age, I've got my own award winner here too!


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