Saturday, August 30, 2008

Writer's Block

So that's it. That's what is wrong. I am suffering from severe writer's block. It's driving me mad because I have thoughts and ideas floating around and as soon as I get to where I can write them (even on scraps of paper), they're gone. The other day, I had an AWESOME idea for a great post. I think I was in the car on the way to work while I thought of it. By the time I got to work (which, I might add, is only about 10 minutes away), it was gone...kaput...out the window (no pun intended)! WTH?

I think some of it has to do with our new busier schedule. We have so much going on right now that my brain is over-crowded with trivial things like when to pick up the kids and what groceries need to be purchased. None of that random stuff is important and it's crowding out the vital stuff like "what funny things can I blog about today?"

I'll keep plugging along. Maybe I should try blogging from work. No one would notice that, would they?! ;)


  1. Just keep writing... just keep writing what do we do, we write!!!

  2. As soon as I tell people I have nothing to write about, something comes to me! You will have a fabulous post soon and we will all be here to read it!


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