Thursday, August 7, 2008

This is me today

I cannot wait for the kids to go back to school - especially today.

Yesterday, just before our guests arrived, The Boy flooded the bathroom. There was - and I'm not kidding - an INCH of water on the floor. I waded in and cut off the water before going out to the garage to get the shop vac so I could clean it up. I had to dump the shop vac twice before I was finished.

Today, they've simply argued and bickered all day long. *sigh*


  1. They are just such horrid little creatures aren't they, children? I tell everyone that I don't need to come to work because I am a single mom, I come to escape the madness!

  2. Soon, baby, soon.
    They are probably ready for school to start again too!

  3. OH the happy dance! Many a moms boogie in the parking lot on the first day!


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