Thursday, August 7, 2008

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?!

Tonight was The Boy's first football practice of the year. I cannot begin to tell you how exciting that is for me. I can't even explain why. Sure, it's exciting for The Boy. It's super exciting for The Husband, who is one of seven (yes - that's correct and not a typo - seven) coaches on the team. It's just exciting because...well...because I LOVE football. Now I know any and all members of my immediate family are laughing their asses off right now because as a child, I hated the game. Punishment, for me, was having to sit down and watch a football game on TV. I loved going to the games in person, but that was because there was food (LOTS of food) and people. I am a people watcher and a football stadium full of drunk men is definitely funny. My parents were season-ticket holders, as were many of the people who sat around us, so we 'got to know' some of those people too. That being said, I'm older now and wiser. And - as I said, I LOVE football.

Anyway, back to The Boy. No. Back to Football! Standing there, watching The Husband in a huddle of sorts with the other coaches filled me with such a warm fuzzy. At the same time, The Boy and a handful of other players were off in the grass playing around. All was well with the world. Things just felt right again. Have I mentioned we missed football?! As you may or may not know, The Boy's team won the championship game last season. THAT was pretty darned exciting. They have 13 returning boys so everyone is excited about this year.

If only Hank Jr. would come over and introduce their games, we'd be set. Maybe John Madden and Al Michaels would consider being color commentators for the season. I'm sure they'd do it - and John Madden wouldn't even have to *think* about flying...there's plenty of room for the bus!

What? It could happen...a girl can dream!


  1. Hope y'all have a great season. I'll keep you posted on ours.

  2. Football season is by far the greatest season of all! Good luck to your fam this season and thanks for the comment love today.

  3. I love football tooooooo!!! My son's practice starts in a week!! I'll add you to my blog roll so I can keep up with your boys!!

  4. Okay, don't throw a tomato at me, but I reeeally don't like the actual game that much, but I love everything else that surrounds football season. Maybe I'll come around someday like you did? You'll have to do some pics...there's nothing cuter than kids in huge helmets with their skinny little adolescent legs!

  5. I never got into "American" football, but then again I could never watch football (you shamefully refer to this as soccer!) back home in England. Growing up, we had one TV and three channels so when football (soccer!) was on TV, we had no choice but to watch it!

    However, I think it is brilliant your son is involved and even better that you and your husband are so supportive. Just no fighting with other parents please!

  6. I love football also! My boys not so much. Lord Humble is small for his age and when asked if he ever wanted to play, he would look at me very seriously and say "What would I be the ball? Being small is good for gymnastics though!" Kids, ya got to love 'em!
    Have a great season!


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