Saturday, September 6, 2008

Are you talking to me?!

It seems both The Boy and The Girl are perfectly capable of ignoring me. They can ignore The Husband as well. If we ask or tell them something, they can tune us out like nobody's business. Why is it, then, they are completely and totally incapable of ignoring each other?! HOLY CRAP, it's out of hand. Yesterday, they both went home from school with friends (and OMG, what a nice afternoon I had! I actually went out for a drink with friends from work. It's a somewhat regular occurrence that I never get to join so I was SUPER excited to have some wonderful, grown-up time!).

Today, The Husband and I decided it would be nice to run our errands together and do some exploring. It's beautiful out today and we really saw this as a good thing. We planned to do some fun shopping (outdoors stores and such) and have lunch. The kids? Well, they had other plans. They thought it would be a perfect day to complain and act like total fools. They spent the entire day bickering with each other and going out of their way to annoy each other. On more than one occasion, they were told to stop. True to form, they were fully able to ignore us but not each other. The day was ruined, lunch was a mess, and we came home early. I don't think there will be any family-fun going on tomorrow; both kids are grounded all weekend.


  1. Sorry your lovely family day got ruined.
    We have that happen sometimes too.
    I thought as they got older it would happen less frequently....wrong.

  2. Wow I am glad you just validated that my home life is normal...LOL

  3. There is no greater sign of sibling love than endless bickering. ;-)

  4. Yep, kids are sometimes a pain in the arse! But then they go and do nice things (every two years or so) and it makes your heart melt!

    I have to tell you, my word verification is "okpoop"!!!


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