Monday, September 8, 2008

The dreaded Mommy Cold

I have a cold. I hate getting sick. I felt it coming on late last week but I tried to ignore it. I took some medicine hoping it would stop the cold from progressing. I took Claritin D because, for whatever reason, that stuff seems to work well with me. I took one Wednesday night and one Thursday night. I planned on taking one on Friday night but unbeknownst to me, The Husband took the last one Friday morning and didn't tell me. He also did not buy more. (I hate that I can only buy 15 at a time! Damned Meth addicts!). On Saturday, I tried to go get more but the pharmacy was not open yet and the line was already rather long. I did not have the patience.

Sunday was not all that bad but I had a cough that would not stop and that just stunk. I didn't feel crappy enough to stay in bed and even if I did, I had too much to do. Plus, I was suffering from a NyQuil hangover all morning. Eventually, The Husband did go get cough medicine but it didn't do anything - I still coughed the rest of the day. I think that is the worst thing about having a cold nowadays. Mommies don't get days off. Even when we are home, we're still working all day. I still dealt with the kids. I still made dinner. I still had to be Mommy.

This morning was the worst. I woke up feeling completely YUCKY. I was not sick enough to stay home, though, so I had to go to work. Damn that whole 'being responsible' thing I've got going! I'm feeling better now (as I said, the cold has not been as long/bad as it could have been) but I'm tired. I'm totally bummed that I will miss ALL of Monday Night Football because I have GOT to go to bed early!


  1. Feel better baby! I'ld send you some soup if I could figure out how to get it thru the internet!

    Love, Mama

  2. You should stay home and tell your coworkers you are doing it for their own good because you don't want to spread your germs!

  3. Awe, well it's 12:30am and I stayed up to watch my beloved Broncos beat the crap outta the Raiders :) Hope you get to feeling better soon!!

  4. Sorry you're sick. I feel your pain, I've just recovered from a small cold myself...darn those kids & their school germs.
    Feel better soon.


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