Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bee stings

Today has not been a happy day so far. The Husband was supposed to go to work and I took the kids to Sunday School. With the cost of gas up again, I decided to stay there and do some work rather than drive home and back. Boy am I glad I stayed!

During their break, The Boy and one of his friends went out back to play. There are woods out back. The Boy and his friend stepped on a bee hive. Next thing I know, The Boy comes running in screaming. I thought he broke his arm the way he was holding it. No...there was a bee on him. There were a lot of bees on him. We managed to get him to stand still and someone yanked off his shorts (there were bees on them too). Someone else grabbed the ice and we managed to get The Boy seated. He was screaming bloody murder (which I can understand, but wow!).

Once we got him semi-calm and determined he is probably not allergic to bee stings, one of the other dads carried him out to my car and I drove him home. I called The Husband and caught him just as he was about to leave. He didn't go to work today. When we got home, he had a bowl full of baking soda/water mush mixed, Benedryl, and children's Motrin all waiting.

In all, The Boy was stung six times and none in the face or near his head. He was stung once in the left arm, three times in the left thigh, and twice in the right thigh. He is OK but shaken up. From time to time, he still bursts out in a fit of hysterics, but they seem to be short-lived. At least his timing is good - he can lay up sorry and watch football while he relaxes/sleeps!


  1. Poor thing. I'm so sorry that happened to him.

    Send him our best wishes for a speedy recovery.
    I think this earns him a day out of school tomorrow.....maybe??

  2. OUCH! Feel better guy!

    Grandma ELF

  3. Oh goodness, hon - I'm sorry!!!!!

    Hey - I hopped over here after seeing that Mazel Tov set - oh my GOSH are those projects and images gorgeous!!!

    Understand Blue

  4. OH no...

    I know from first hand experience that that is NO FUN at ALL!!!


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