Saturday, September 13, 2008

One down...five to go!

Today was opening day for The Boy's football league. It was a pretty big deal, too. They get inflatables, have a HUGE cookout, run an auction, and have a big raffle. Most importantly for the boys, though, they play on the high school field! The boys LOVE that part!

The game started well and it was not long before they scored their first touchdown. They missed the extra point, but that's OK. Here they are kicking off after that first TD. Notice how well-dressed our coaches are! Someone ordered the shirts for them last year. This year, another team copied them and has some too.

The Boy is number 12. He LOVES the game. In their little roster/brochure, each player lists his favorite athlete as well as his personal hobbies. Here is what The Boy's says:
Age: 10
Ht: 4'8"
Wt: 76
Positions: QB, RB, TE/LB, DB
Fav. Athlete: Lawrence Taylor
Personal Info: Also plays baseball. Loves mathematics and reading.

I swear, if you didn't know him, you'd be 100% certain he's a dork! And...truth be told, to some extent, he is. BUT - he's a heck of an athlete. The high school coach says he's a "beast." LOL! (The Boy went to football camp this summer and it was run by the high school coaches.)

Today, the whole team played really well. The Boy made an awesome tackle just after this photo...or maybe it was this play. I don't remember. It was an awesome hit and we could hear it in the stands!

Here is The Husband cooling The Boy. It was HOT today. I had to leave the game at one point to get ice because the boys were starting to cramp up!

This was the score toward the end of the second quarter. The rule here is that if one team is ahead by more than 18 points (or something like that), they have to take out all their players who are over 9-yrs-old. (This is an 8- to 10-yr-old league.)

Here are half our boys on the sideline! We have 14 boys over 9! A concession had to be made, though, because we have only 10 boys under 10 and one is injured. We were able to play one 10-yr-old. Unfortunately for our older boys but fortunately for our younger ones, the other team never scored. We were so proud of our little guys, who had never practiced as a "whole team" before, for keeping the other team off the scoreboard. It took the other team nearly the entire second half just to march the ball down to the end zone...and still...our boys kept them from scoring!

The boys were determined to get the coach with the Gatorade jug. Off they go...

Unfortunately, the coach is significantly taller than the boys and they were unable to get the jug up high enough. They tried, though. The coach had some interesting moves, however, and did not get very wet!

Congratulations, boys!


  1. I love the pictures!!! Our team is the same colors! I had to laugh at myself cuz at first I thought everyone had the same last name LOL

  2. Isn't opening day fun? Did you sell all your tickets?

    This was always B's favorite game of the year.
    He has his first game Monday night (at 8:00 $#@!*).
    He plays for the Raiders & this year is playing Safety, WR, & Outside LB
    Absolutely loves it!
    Stay will be coming soon.

  3. How brilliant that he is so good at sports! I have a feeling I will be going through the same thing with Ned and soccer and baseball!

  4. Way to go Steelers!



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