Tuesday, September 2, 2008

"Nobody loves me!"

Remember that abacus I was supposed to buy? Well, I really need it. It seems I'm up to my old stunts again...and ruining The Girl's life is one of my favorites.

Let me start by saying Tuesdays and Thursdays are our crazy days. I leave work early those days, zip by aftercare to grab the kids, and head off to the gym. The Girl has gymnastics for 2 hours those afternoons. The Husband meets me at the gym to grab The Boy, who has football practice for 2 hours those evenings. We leave the gym and usually go home to make dinner. Sometimes - like today - I have to run to the grocery between the gym and home, but that is rare.

For the most part, I am unable to get away from work as early as The Girl would like (and, truth be told, as early as I would like some days!!). I left work just after 3:30 today, which is about as early as I can go. One of my bosses said it was OK to leave that early these two days per week. It takes 10 - 15 minutes to get to the kids' school. I then have to go into the building to sign out the kids. From their school, it is another 10 - 15 minutes to the gym. Practice starts at 3:45.

Guess who was late today. Guess who is going to be late a lot! Guess who told me today that it's not fair that SHE is the one who is always sacrificing and that no one else ever has to sacrifice. EVER! Guess who I wanted to beat with a stick while in the car to gymnastics today! Wait till she finds out we have monthly meetings on the last Thursday of every month (insert evil laughter)!

Ahhh - the joys of motherhood!


  1. Your crazy days sound like mine! Except I don't go to the gym! However, Ned has two classes of jujitsu a week and one dance class on a Saturday now. Plus working full time. Life is exhausting.

  2. Ugh... her life sounds simply terrible....

  3. I can't stop laughing! My boys act the same way over our 2 hour gym commute. They wait until the last minute to make their dinner and gather their grips, then wonder why we always run late. I look forward to the day when they can drive themselves! :)
    Hang in there!


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