Thursday, September 11, 2008


I don't want to get all deep and sappy or anything like that but I do want to remember that fateful morning seven years ago. After watching the horror on TV, I went ahead and took The Boy and The Girl to preschool. Just after I dropped them off, I heard something about a third plane and the Pentagon. Against my better judgement, I left the kids at preschool. I should have gone back to their room, snatched them up, and gone home - but no. That's not what I did. I left them. I noticed on my way home that the traffic was starting to get bad. I decided I'd leave the house an hour early to pick them up from preschool (which was about 15 minutes away). I left my house around 10:30 to pick up the kids. I was stuck in traffic until 5:30pm! Luckily, I had a friend who was able to get them for me - I picked them up at her house.

What a surreal day it was. Do you remember the first airplane you heard after the no-fly ban? I do. I remember it vividly. I also remember the first low-flying airplane I heard after that day. We lived close to a small airport, so low-flying aircraft were common. EXCEPT...except after that day. Because after that day, the skies were quiet. And when they weren't anymore, it was suddenly an unnerving sound to hear a plane fly by.

Have I changed? Oh yes. My whole life has changed. It seems many of us have - and yet, there are so many who have not. Interesting. Sad...but interesting.

Do I think it will happen again? Yes. Without a doubt. I want to believe it won't, but I know it will. And next time...I'm afraid it will be worse. Much worse. And there is nothing I can do about it. I don't even know that our nation would be willing to do what is necessary. Hell - I KNOW it wouldn't because it hasn't yet. It never will.

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  1. Good post & true.
    It's hard for our country to do what needs to be done when all of the liberals are whining about the terrorists civil rights and running our name into the ground all over the world.
    I say - there are planes that leave this wonderful country every day....get a one-way ticket & get the heck out. We don't need support like that.

    Hope you have a good weekend.


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