Thursday, September 18, 2008

"The Talk"

Tonight, after gymnastics, I was making dinner. The Girl was folding laundry. She started asking me when I would let her read her book, The Care & Keeping of You. We bought it some time ago but I would not let her read past a certain point. I knew I would have to have The Talk with her and I didn't want her reading about it before we, we read about keeping one's body clean, keeping one's hair clean, brushing one's teeth, washing one's face...and that was about all.

When she asked about reading the rest of the book, I guess I decided there was no time like the present, and I told her all about periods and such. She didn't seem too shocked or grossed out by any of it. We didn't talk about babies...only that the uterus prepares for a baby and if there isn't one, the blood comes out. In fact, she took the whole thing so well that I wondered if I'd missed something major! She just sat and listened and took it in stride. She asked very few questions and appeared satisfied with everything I said. Overall, the entire event was far less painful than I had anticipated.

I *did* point out to her that she probably has a few years before she has to worry about this stuff. She will be 10 soon, but I was a considerably late bloomer (14!!!) and she is quite thin and active with gymnastics.

I think the funniest part of the conversation was my explaining mood swings. She totally got that too. I told her "You know when you get really mad about nothing at all? How when something really silly makes you angry or makes you cry? You know how when that happens, you know it's completely silly but you can't help being mad/angry/sad? That is your hormones and they make you kinda crazy." Like I said, she TOTALLY got that. She said one day at school, she wanted to do something and her teacher said no. She got so angry that she cried. I assure you, The Girl has had mood swings since birth and I really don't want to know how bad it is going to get! She's a redhead...need I say more?!

The best part of the whole thing was that I told her (more than once) that if she ever has questions, please ask me (or Daddy - which threw her into a fit of nervous giggles) because I will always tell her what she *needs* to know - and I'll give her straight answers.

Wish us's gonna be a bumpy road!


  1. Great idea on the book. I have a 9 yr old girl so I'm sure it's coming!! Thanks for commenting on my blog yesterday too :)

  2. That went pretty well. Glad there's a book to help explain things. I'll keep that in mind when my girls get to that age.

  3. sounds like it went well! We've had the talk with Leelee, but she's starting to get more curious about how things get from point a to point b. and i'm not quite ready for that. alex hasn't even asked about that yet!

  4. My mom totally set me up as far as explaining periods went. I thought it was something to celebrate, the commencement of this great acceptance into womanhood and everything would be lovely. Then I got my period and I became very violent! I think you did a great job explaining it to her.

    Oh, and my dad would always buy us pads from the store!

  5. Wow that seemed too easy. Way too easy. I envy you.

    Last month my eight year old son asked me about my period again when he saw something in the trash. I had to explain it AGAIN. It was the third time I explained it. I was first shocked he had forgotten then I realized how stupid that idea was. They forget so much that we tell them all the time why we we think one time talking of sex ed is enough?

    I'm trying to keep an open channel.

    This was a great book that I reviewed if you want to read the review. An important topic in this book is that sex ed is not just about the facts but we families need to teach our children the values of our own family and religion not just talk the facts.

    Leaving it to the schools to teach the facts is not good enough as kids/teens need more than facts, they need the values, the info about relationships between people and the family's cultural beliefs also.

    Have a nice night.

  6. that did go well. love your blog. i only hope that when i have a child i can be as cool and collected as you seemed. check out my blog at

  7. Hi, found you through SITS,

    Sounds like you have the talk under control. I have a while before I go there.

  8. Oh good, I won't be the first then. My daughter is 8, so you can go first. BAHAHAHA I wasn't sure when to start talking about this. My husband did the boys to a certain point--he got out his anatomy book from nursing school (he's an RN) and just explained. About 6 months later my son said something weird and I said "didn't dad explain that?" he said "Oh, I wasn't listening". BAHAHAHA


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