Saturday, September 20, 2008

Two and Oh!

Today was The Boy's second football game. They play a short season (only 6 games) and so far, they're off to a smashing start. As you know, they won the season opener 22 - 0. Today's game was against their main rival, the Packers. Last year, they met the Packers three times; we won once, they won once and then they met in the Superbowl. Guess who won that one?! Yep...we did.

Anyway, the big rivalry became Steelers v. Packers. I'm not going to trash talk the Packers or anything, but I will say their coaches are extremely poor losers. I'm not saying one should be a good loser...a good loser is just that - a good loser. All the same, sportsmanship is sportsmanship and the boys learn it from their coaches.

Today's game was AWESOME! The Steelers won! When the score was 16-0, we worried we'd have to pull our 10-yr-olds again but the Packers scored and it was 16-6. Our boys scored two more touchdowns, making it 30 - 6 (missed one of the PATs) and we had to pull our 10-yr-olds. As you know from last week, we're super impressed with the 8- & 9-yr-olds. Once again, they were able to keep the other team from scoring. Additionally, they scored a touchdown against the Packers, making the final score 38-6!

Next week is a bye week, but I know the boys would love to skip the bye and just play again!


  1. Bray always hates Bye weeks. It's no fun when everyone else is playing & you're not.

    Glad they're off to a winning start.

  2. Congrats on being Saucy!

    *off to read your blog*

  3. My son is also in football for the first time this year--but a much longer season. They managed a win tonight to bring them up to a 2-5 record. Fun night!

    You stopped by for my SITS day at The Journey a while back, and I'm still wandering about visiting everyone back. All of the amazing blogs have been too interesting to hurry through, but I did want to say thanks!


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