Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Perfect Record!

They did it. The Boy's team finished the season perfectly...6 and 0! Today's game was a tough one, though. We were tied for a good part of the game...and, at times, we were behind. BUT...the boys rallied and ended up on top 26 - 18 for a rather stressful win. We were ALL happy that was the last regular season game!

The next game is next weekend...playoff game. We will play the winner of the #4 vs #5 team. Then, the winner of our game plays the winner of the #2 vs #3 game. I think the coaches are hoping we meet up with this same team again (just like last year)! I'm not sure I can handle all that stress!

Sorry for the lack of photos - it was rainy and too stressful to shoot pix!

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