Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pressure is on!

The Boy's team won again today - 19 to 6. They remain undefeated at 5 and 0. The game next week is against their league rival. The other team's coaches (rival team) stayed through the first half of our game today to watch the boys again.

The Boy's ankle was taped up pretty well but during the second or third play, he was hit on the back of the ankle with a helmet. The Husband carried him off the field and he (The Boy) managed to walk it off, but we can see that mentally, he's not ready yet. He's afraid of getting hurt again. He's also not 100% yet either and it showed. He'll be out of practice again on Tuesday...well, not totally out - he'll have a modified practice. We want him to run so we can truly see how he does and see if he favors the ankle at all.


  1. Hi Wendy!!

    I found you on SITS bright and early this morning! Nice to meet you! So sorry to hear about your son's injury. Hope he recovers soon! My daughter is a cross country runner and suffered a stress fracture last season. She had to take off 6-8 weeks from running, but now is back to where where was. I wish your son the very best!!

    Take care and have a great day!

  2. I hope his ankle heals properly and how exciting that the team are winning! Not that I understand this American Football malarkey, but I can cheer anyone on!!!

  3. Congratulations to The Boy and his team for doing so well.

    Sorry to hear about his ankle injury though, poor kid :-( Good wishes going his way for a speedy recovery !!

    I'm like Molly, I don't understand a lot about American Football.

    Now, Rugby is a different matter :-)


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