Saturday, October 11, 2008

What comes after 3?

Yep, 4. That's right - The Boy's football team is now 4 and 0!! I hate to say we were expecting this, but they were playing a team that has never won. The Boy did not get the chance to play but he was able to walk around enough that he held the down marker. I got a great photo of him with my cell phone, but, like my hitchhiking cricket/grasshopper, the picture is lost in cyberspace. I'm really bummed, too, because it's a super cute photo.

ETA: Woohoo - I think I've got it:

This photo was taken just before we scored our first touchdown of the day.

Anyway, it was another 'blow-out' of sorts. We won 24 - 0. So far this year, the team has scored 100 pts and allowed 6. Not bad at all! Next week, we play the in-town rivals and the following week, we play our league rivals. As of this morning, the town rival's record was 1 and 2 (they played today but I don't know the score); the league rival was 3 and 1 (they have a bye today).


  1. The defensive coach should be looking in the NFL for a job...or maybe in the college ranks...if his current employer would think about letting him go!


  2. Yay for 4-0!!
    Glad he got to help out a little.


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