Saturday, November 1, 2008

Superbowl Bound!

Well, they did it! The boys won their playoff game. I'm not going to say we didn't expect it, but we were pretty confident they'd win this game. After all, they've had a great season so far and are now 7 and 0.

Here is The Boy getting a good block.

I'm not entirely sure when this was but it was fairly early on and, if memory serves, not long before a touchdown. Here is the PAT.

We've got a pretty good kicker. He missed a few kicks last week but none this week. The boys scored three unanswered touchdowns bringing the score to 24-0. (Around here, the PAT is worth 2 pts; a "2-pt-conversion" is worth only 1.) Since we were ahead by more than 18 pts, our older boys had to sit out.

The Boy was yelled at just after this photo for sitting on his helmet! All the boys do it but one of the coaches yelled at them so they stopped. Then we all got on them for not actively cheering on their younger teammates! Of course, that resulted in a full-blown cheering leading set! The younger boys did well and kept the other team from scoring. They held the other team just out of the end-zone twice!

Next week is the Superbowl. Let's hope it plays out as well as it did last year...if not better! There is a good amount of animosity between our team and our league rivals. The animosity has been exacerbated by our team winning both games this year. It came to a head when one of their coaches went so far as to question the manhood of one of our front of his wife and kids!! If there are going to be words between coaches, (and we all know it happens) it should never occur in front of children! That is completely uncalled for and shockingly immature. This is a game and it is for fun! I understand being passionate about the game...Lord knows we are! But still - it's about the BOYS, not the men who are coaching them!

OK - off my soapbox! As always, we're super proud of our boys. Wish them luck next week - it may be a tough game!


  1. Enjoy the game and please tell the Boy "Good Luck!"

  2. Congrats!!! Your boys have the same colors as mine!! YAY!!

  3. B's coaches have a fit over them sitting on their helmets too.
    I was thinking that when I saw that pic.
    Congrats on a good season.

  4. Oh good luck to them. Sounds very exciting and your pictures were great.

    You were ahead of me this morning on SITS roll call and thought I would say hello.

  5. Competitive sports for children is hard when the adults are very childish! Hope that they win the superbowl!!!


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