Sunday, December 28, 2008

More Family Fun

Today, I managed to talk The Husband into going for a hike. I know - bizarre that I'd have to talk HIM into it, but I did. The thing is, he works out ALL the time, so he never wants to go for walks or hikes unless they're very intense. And - to be honest, I'm not all up for that garbage!

It was a beautiful day today (temps in the 70s) so I wanted to go out. My brother recently got into geocaching, and The Boy is totally interested in it. In fact, there is a geocache at the lake across the street from our house. We found it about a year ago or so - before we knew what geocaching was.

I got on the geocaching website and found about half a dozen geocaches near the trails of the park at which we were hiking. I grabbed Lucy from the car and off we went.

We got to the park and looked for our first geocache. Keep in mind I did not bother with reading and/or printing hints. No. I had the coordinates and that was all. I didn't even have a compass! Yes, I'm an idiot! The Husband was being somewhat impatient, as he thought this would be dumb. He figured we'd type in the coordinates, drive there, look down and see the package. WRONG! We wandered around for a good 20 minutes (on an EASY one) and never found it. Again, we had no compass and were determining direction based on the sun and Lucy!

We never found that first geocache. We decided, though, that this just might be a lot more fun than The Husband had originally thought. There are tons of geocaches all over the place and finding them totally falls into our entire new outlook on life (you know - the one in which we actually do stuff and have fun!).

We went for our hike without looking for more caches but have big plans to resume our search - next time with a compass and, perhaps, a topographical map! Our hike was a good deal of fun (maybe that was because it was mostly flat terrain) and we all enjoyed it.

When we got home, the kids ran off to the woods by the lake and built themselves a fort. The Husband and I (and The Dog) checked on them and it was a really neat fort they'd made out of fallen tree limbs and such.

All in all, it was a very good day. I did not take my camera at all, but The Boy did and he got some decent pix. Perhaps one day, I will post some.

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  1. I've always wondered about doing this, and I have to say I would have started out just like you did. if you do more. I might just get inspired. BAHAHAHA


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