Thursday, January 1, 2009

Favorite Things - part 1

Who says you have to be Oprah to have a Favorite Things list?! The problem with Oprah's favorite things is that a lot of her favorite things are ridiculously expensive a tad bit pricey. I have been thinking about this for a while and decided to put together a list of my own. Some of you care; many of you don't. Too bad - it's my blog so I can post whatever I want!

Now, all that aside, here is the first installment of my favorite things...all of which are very much in almost everyone's budget!

My first favorite thing (not in order of preference, but in order that I decided to type them) is Real Simple Magazine. I love this magazine. It is full of really neat organizational tips, storage solutions, new uses for everyday items, and other fun stuff. I love the layout, too. I will read each issue multiple times, always gleaning something new.

Since I'm writing about magazines, my second favorite thing is Woman's Day Magazine. Again, I love this magazine. It has so many recipes and tips. Lately, there have been a lot of money-saving tips, which everyone can use! It is a definite cover-to-cover magazine for me.

The Husband turned me on to my next favorite thing. I love SmartWool socks. The Husband has worn them for years and swore by them. I *finally* bought some just after Thanksgiving. Oh. My. God. They are so comfy! I really have to go buy more. They may become the only socks I wear! In addition to the plain, solid ones, they have cute, striped ones as well.

Now, let's talk about food. I love food! Here are some of the things I love in the realm of food! For snacks, there is nothing better than Odwalla Bars. They are healthy, organic, and yummy. I love the banana nut Odwalla bar (pictured) and the Chocowalla bar. The banana nut bar is awesome when you don't have time to eat breakfast. Just grab a bar and have your coffee. They are filling, too.
I also am a huge fan of the Full Circle brand of organic foods. It is not always easy to find organic foods and our local grocery chain carries the Full Circle brand. I don't think I have purchased ANY Full Circle product that we have not liked. Their products make up over half our grocery items.

Finally, when you are out and about or not in the mood to cook, my all time favorite place to eat out in a hurry is Moe's. We discovered Moe's a couple of years ago and love it as much now as we did the first time we ate there. For a while, we were going about once a week! We're better now, but it is still our "fall-back" when we don't know what else to get. "Welcome to Moe's!"

So...there you have it. The first installment of MY favorite things. If you have the opportunity, try one of my favorites this year and let me know what you think. If some of my favorites are your favorites too, I'd love to hear about them.

I wish you all a happy and healthy 2009!


  1. Oh good post, I'll have to think of mine now :)

  2. I just had a Moo Moo Mr. Cow for lunch. Mmmm . . . Moe's.

  3. Moe's = love! It's one of my favorites too! Congrats on your SITS day!

  4. Great post. I agree that the "celebrity" favorites are always way too expensive for the "average" person.

    I loved your first installment of your favorites - some are also mine. Some I'd not heard of before - so Im going to check those out.

    Can't wait for installment 2!

    Congrats on the SITs feature

  5. Moe's yummy. Now I want a home wrecker.

  6. I love favorite things list...I love to see what other poeple like and why...great list.

  7. Thanks for the tip on the SmartWool socks. I was just getting ready to go purchase some wool socks. Ha! What timing. :)

  8. Love organic! Tastes so much better!

  9. I love this list and have thinking about my favorite things. Visiting from SITS with a Thank you!

  10. Moe's is good, but you should try Chipotle!

  11. Well, I like Real Simple and Moe's -- I'll try the others out (except Woman's Day -- you really have to cook to appreciate good recipes and I kind of, sort of, not so much....)

  12. Hi Wendy,
    Here I am again for more!! Love your blog and your Faves were really interesting although being in Canada I wasn't too familiar with most....
    Thanks for a great blog! and BTW isn't SITS great!

  13. I'm reading "backwards", I suppose. I read part 2 first...but I love hearing testimonials about products (ahem, from people other than Oprah). So....I'll be looking for the Odwalla bars and checking out the website for those socks! Unfortunately, I'm not close to a Moe's butcha just nevah know when I might see one out travelin'!


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