Friday, December 12, 2008

Oh Tanenbaum!

It's FRIDAY!! That means it's time for Candid Carrie's Friday Foto Finish Fiesta. This time, I'm doing my Foto Finish with some holiday flair!

This weekend, after the parade, we decided to go get a Christmas Tree. This may be confusing to some of you who have figured out I'm Jewish. Rest assured, you are correct. The Husband, however, is not. He was raised Lutheran; therefore, he celebrates Christmas. I don't mind adding another celebration to my year, so we celebrate in our own way.

Our house has 9' ceilings, and our living room has vaulted ceilings. This is great because we were able to get a really big tree this year. Usually, we get a 5-6 foot tree. This year, we went 8-9 feet...and let me tell you - it is a BEAUTIFUL tree. It looks kind of crooked in the photos but it really isn't that lopsided in real life.

To give a better idea of the size, here are some photos of the kids decorating.

Because the tree is so much larger than ones we've had in the past, our first task was to go BACK to the tree place and buy a new, BIGGER tree stand! The one we had just wasn't cutting it! The second obstacle is that, for many, we don't have nearly enough ornaments for such a large tree. Personally, I disagree. I think we have just the right amount. I think the tree is beautiful and want to be able to see it behind the ornaments.

Of course, for the full effect, the tree must be lit. There is nothing prettier than a lit Christmas Tree.

Happy Holidays everyone!


  1. Lovely tree. The first photo took me off guard. I thought she was climbing the tree (becuase the footstool is the same color.)

  2. That's a beautiful tree!!!! I love great big trees and I think it has just the right amount of decor!!

  3. It is beautiful & I'd be willing to bet it is really crooked - you've just been tilting your head when you look at it. :)

  4. Oh pretty pretty!! I love that huge tree. We got a larger one this year, too. Cool!

  5. I love big trees that fill up a room; yours is great!

  6. Oh I love the tree all lit up!!!


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