Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Coming down from my SITS high

Wow! What a day! Thanks so much for all the comment love. A gal can really get used to such attention! I guess it was lucky The Girl was sick yesterday, as it took me a good part of the day to respond to all the comments...and I woke up to another 55 or so emails!

The Girl is, unfortunately, still sick, although her fever is down to 100.8, which is awesome. It had gone up to 103 yesterday. Poor thing - I went to make her some lunch and this is what I found...

I cannot express how much your words of encouragement meant to me regarding Changes, Soul-Searching, & Compromise. I shared your comments with The Husband, who was equally moved.

Speaking of The Husband, an update on that front is in order. One thing we've decided is that we are going to travel more. We've decided that, in time, we will be purchasing a camper. We had originally planned to get a 5th Wheel and tow it with our truck. The problem is that our truck is not quite truck enough to haul a decent camper. Instead, we decided to look into an RV we can drive and then we can tow another vehicle. The problem there is that I drive a minivan (woohoo - now there's some fun, huh?!) and The Husband has a truck.

The Husband has wanted a Jeep for years and years but I have always said no. (Remember...I have judgemental thoughts in my head!). The Husband wanted to trade his truck on a Jeep. I *did* put my foot down on that one, though. We've tried to not have a truck, but it never works. Every time we think we can get rid of a truck, we end up buying one again in a matter of months. I was not willing to make that sort of financial mistake.

We trolled the internet for days until we found some Jeeps in our area. We found one that was priced pretty well not far from here but they were not willing to budge even one penny off their price. (We had asked them to drop it $999 and they tried to tell us we were asking them to take $1200 off. I hate their silly double-talk...and this salesman was not particularly good at it!) The guy was so smug he really pissed me off. Luckily, The Husband had not become "object fixated" and we simply got up and walked out. We told the salesman we were going the next day to see another one.

The next day, we went to another dealer to look at a less exepensive had more miles and was a soft-top (that really needed to be replaced), the carpeting was gone, etc - but we knew we were buying a "toy" and not a daily driver. The photos also showed the spare was missing. When we got to the dealership, I couldn't see anything wrong with the top. I mentioned this to The Husband, who said they must've but a new top on! Plus, they put in new carpeting, and it had almost new tires - and a brand new spare! The price was amazingly low - we did not even try to low-ball because we knew we were practically stealing it; it was $3000 less than the other one!

I admit I did not run out and tell everyone we'd made this purchase. Some habits die hard. I waited and, in time, Mom found out about the Jeep from reading my New Year's meme. She asked about it, of course, (hi, Mom). Hopefully, she and Dad understand there are things they will never understand about The Husband and I together, but they will lovingly accept our decisions whether they agree or not.

Here is the newest addition. Pretty, isn't it? The Husband could not resist driving it to work a few days, even though it's not our everyday vehicle. Right now, there are no seatbelts in the back, so we're working on that. Other than that, it's great. We can't wait to go for our first adventure together (but boy, is it ever SMALL in there!). Now I know why we never got one when the kids were younger and in car seats!


  1. AAHHH - your poor baby. Isn't it something how animals seem to stick closer when we're not feeling the best?

    And LOVE the Jeep!!!! I've always wanted one myself!

  2. I'm so sorry for your little one. I always feel bad when they are out of commission like that, but aren't they so sweet....?

    I LOVE your new toy! CONGRATS! I've always thought Jeeps were just the coolest thing around! You all are stylin'!

  3. Congrats on the new addition to the car family! Hope the little one feels better!

  4. My girls talk NON-STOP... and I find myself wishing for quiet. And when do I get it? When they're sick.. and it's horrible and awful and I want the noise back!

    CUTE JEEP!!! What a fun thing to have on trips!

  5. I love the picture of your girl and the pup! So precious. Just saw your link on SITS and wanted to visit and say hi!

  6. Well, actually you always wanted a Jeep from the days when MW had one!
    See, I am Not senile yet, and do remember stuff from way back.

    Is the girl feeling better yet?


  7. Glad you had a great SITS day :-)

    Not so good on your little one, though. That is a cute photo of her and the dog. Funny how dogs can sense when you're not feeling okay and give comfort in their own way.

    Congrats on the Jeep...I like it. I've had a hankering for one of those for ages.

  8. I have two semi sick kids today too!! UGH! I had a black soft top Jeep wrangler years ago and loved it!!

  9. A day late, but happy sits day to you!!

    It's never enjoyable to have a sick little one!! Hope she feels better!!

    Nice Jeep! I've always wanted one.

  10. How fun..that picture is just great..pure peace!
    -sandy toe

  11. Sorry that your little one is sick and congratulations on the Jeep!!

  12. I hope the girl feels better soon! Congrats on the jeep! You'll love having a drive-able camper especially with kids. We used to have a 5th wheel and then traded it for a motorhome (we were "gypsies" in our younger days). We wished we had bought it in the first place. Can't wait to hear about your travels!

  13. My SITS day was Monday. I LOVED all the attention!

    Oh my goodness do I LOVE that Jeep! My husband wants to get an off-road vehicle. He would be oh-so jealous!

  14. Nice ride... I hope your girl gets all better soon! :)

  15. The Jeep is adorable! I love the color of it :) I hope the little one feels better by now :)


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