Thursday, January 8, 2009

Favorite Things - part 2

Here is another installment of my Favorite Things. The first one went over well and, quite frankly, I wasn't done. These are somewhat time consuming posts, what with all the images and such, so I can't just whip one out when the spirit moves me. Having two days at home with a sick child afforded me the opportunity to work on this some more while I ignored the work I should have been doing.

If I was clever, I'd have a cool little box label or something to put at the top of this post to alert people to it. And then, I could make a list where everyone could link THEIR blogs to it. It could be a weekly feature...but, alas, I am SO not that savvy! If anyone wants to share with me how all that is done, I'd be happy to do it. I even have a name for it..."Tuesday's Treasures." C' with me people. My true creative juices ran dry LONG ago!

On to those favorites. Remember...the point of these is that I won't post anything that is not affordable to anyone. Cool, expensive stuff is neat and all, but it does you no good to know about if you can't afford it!

My first favorite thing does not cost anything! Well, it does if you want to get technical, but it's really nominal. One of my favorite things is Lunch with a friend/co-worker. As you may know, I am a teacher. We have very short lunches (25 minutes, to be exact). There is not enough time to run ANYWHERE during that short amount of time...least of all the cafeteria! Every day, I go next door to my dear friend's room and we have the most WONDERFUL lunches together. I have mentioned before that she suffers from Celiac Disease, so all gluten products are off limits. We spend our 25 minutes chatting and eating tortilla chips, hummus, cheese, fruit, and whatever else tickles our fancy. (Note that I have linked to my favorite brands!) We each have mini fridges in our rooms, so dairy is never a problem. We also have a mini crock pot, so we can, on occasion, bring home-made soup. It is the most relaxing 25 minutes of our day and we look forward to that time of peace!

Speaking of work, my next favorite thing is my Senseo coffee maker. I received it free after filling out some sort of survey online. I admit, I'd have never actually bought it if I'd never used it, but it is now one of my favorite appliances! I am the only coffee drinker in my house. I have a great Bunn coffee maker at home (another favorite thing). At work, though, I don't often want more than two cups of coffee. I had a cheap coffee pot at school but my students would often ask if they could have coffee too. For years, I allowed them to have it if they supplied their own creamer & sugar (I refuse to buy sugar because I don't use it...and I prefer milk over creamer). We would take turns buying the coffee. Last year, the coffee making got out of hand; at the same time, I received my Senseo. This thing makes SUCH a good cup of coffee. I absolutely LOVE it and not one student has asked me to make coffee for him since I began using it!

Since coffee is traditionally a morning thing, I'll tell you what I love for breakfast. Yup...another favorite thing. I love Kashi Honey Sunshine cereal. It is so good! It is lightly sweetened, but since we were not allowed sugary cereal growing up, this really satisfies my sweet tooth. Plus, it's not bad for you, which is always a bonus!

Also from Kashi are my next favorite things, TLC Cookies...but I only like the Oatmeal Dark Chocolate ones. (OK - I haven't tried the others, but I don't like raisins, so that's a dead give-away!) They're big, too, so one cookie is plenty. They're soft, chewy cookies, which are the BEST!

OK - enough food. Let's move on to BEFORE breakfast. One of my favorite things is flannel sheets. I love flannel sheets. They're so soft and cozy, especially on those cold winter days. I will say I prefer regular 100% Egyptian cotton sheets in the summer, although I've been told flannel sheets are cool in the summer. I don't know that I've tried them yet but I'll give it a go! These are the sheets we got for The Girl this year. Cute, aren't they?

The sheets, of course, bring me to my final favorite thing for today. I purchased these sheets at Target. I LOVE Target. Need I say more?! The place speaks for itself! My only gripe is that there is not a Target anywhere near here, so we often have to drive a good hour to get to one.

So...there you have it. Part 2 of my Favorite Things. Stay tuned for the next installment...who knows when I'll have the time to post it!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comment! I love lunches with friends too and doing the MY Fave things series is always a lot of fun!!!

  2. I volunteer at one of my local elementary schools, four days a week. I usually have lunch with one of the teachers, in her room. As you said, it's very relaxing and also one of my favourite things.

    I'm also a sucker for those TLC cookies. I have to be very strict and limit myself to just one. The temptation to finish the box off, is really strong. They are good!!

  3. Oh - I love lunch with friends... I just haven't made any around here. :(

  4. AAAHH - sounds like 25 minutes is all you need to get your head back together... nice you have a great co worker to share it with!

  5. I, too, love my Senseo coffee maker. Kashi has branded itself in my head as good for you so I feel good if I buy and use/eat their I'll be looking for the cereal! Found you through going to look up your first Favorite Things post!

  6. Aaah, lunch with a friend, so good for the soul. Just one question: In what universe does "one is enough" ever apply to cookies? This is a fun post - looking forward to the next.

  7. Sheets and Target and lunch with a friend, oh my! I love to check out what others favorites are. I've wanted to try Kashi and now I just might!

  8. I love 1000 thread count sheets from Target. I bought some last year on sale and now I can't imagine sleeping on anything else so I bough another set last night.

    I haven't tried the TLC cookies or the Senseo-but I'm definitely going to look into it tomorrow!

    All the best,
    Your Saucy Sister

  9. My daughter's have those sheets in last year's version ... blue! I love season linens. I love Target. I love other people spending money on seasonal things at Target!

  10. Ohh, meals with friends are the best! I adore my flannel sheets in the winter but never thought of trying them in the summer...I'll try and remember that!


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