Friday, January 30, 2009

No Foto Friday

Not playing Candid Carrie's foto finish this week...didn't get it together. I have the pix but they're still on my camera and I don't have the time to download and such.

Today we leave right after school to drive to The Girl's first competition. It is about 3 hrs from here. We are excited. She has told us she is planning on coming in first and winning a big trophy.

She got her new warm-up suit and gym bag today. They look great - the bag is HUGE - and they are embroidered with her name...VERY cool.

Wish her luck. I should have pix next week.


  1. Have a great time - Good Luck!!!
    We'll be doing the same thing Sat. morning 8am warm-up.
    Let us know how it goes.

  2. Luck!

    Because I am such a bad blog reader I have no idea what competition this is, but I hope she wins!

  3. Oh, I hope she won. How exciting! More importantly, I hope she had fun.


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