Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Private Practice

The Girl is on a competitive gymnastics team. She started gymnastics a year ago in September. It took her a full school year to move from Level 1 classes to the Level 3 competitive team; her coach plans to move her to Level 4 by the end of this summer. We couldn’t be prouder.

This past week, The Girl was sick. As a result, she missed both practices. She has competitions coming up, so she really needs to be at practice. (They are competing throughout the off-season this year.) We decided to get her a private lesson this past weekend because of her being sick last week. One thing we wanted to make sure she worked on was her floor routine. She has the moves down; she’s pretty good. The problem is that she finishes a good 10 – 20 seconds early – and the routine is, at most, a minute long!

Saturday morning we all went to the gym for her lesson. The Husband enjoys the private lessons because he swears The Girl gets more out of one private lesson than she does in a month’s worth of regular practice. There are 9 girls on her team and she is easily distracted! The one-on-one attention really suits her.

After the warm-up, it was on to the floor to practice the routine. From the very first run through, she was ON it. She hit EVERY mark and finished right as the music did! We were so happy! She then did it again…and again. Her beam routine was great; however, by the time she got to bars, we could see the fatigue in her face. She’d lost some strength being sick and not eating for two days!

We will definitely be doing more private lessons, although we may have to wait until after the competitive season ends so the coach has the free time!


  1. Those private lessons really work wonders. G has done one for bars & her scores definitely went up. We had a competition last Fri. in Columbia & she finished 7th all around out of 58 girls.
    Hope the Girl has all of her strength back soon.

  2. Anything one on one I feel is so much more productive!! Way to go!

    PS Love the Howard Jones :)

  3. Gymanists always just amaze me how they can move their bodies....

    I do good to walk across a floor without tripping!

  4. That's great. I'm sure she got alot out of them. Can't wait for her competitions.


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