Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rewarding Honesty

So, today I have to brag about The Boy. He did two things this weekend worthy of bragging so I’m all over it.

The first thing happened Saturday night. He was playing at his friend’s house when he called to tell us he’d been invited for dinner. We allowed him to stay. During dinner, The Girl asked if she could have ice cream. We told her maybe later.

A little while after The Boy had come home, we told the kids they could have ice cream. The Boy told us he’d already had some at his friend’s house! The Husband and I were shocked. I *know* if it had been me, I’d have kept my mouth shut and had more ice cream. The Husband would have done the same. The Boy…he’s a good kid. He told us about the ice cream and sat politely while his sister ate her ice cream!

THEN…because that wasn’t enough…Sunday, I took the kids to Sunday School. Most of the time, I stay there. Another mom and I have become friends and we sit, chat, and pretend to grade papers while the kids do their lessons. Today, she was addressing envelopes for her daughter’s upcoming Bat Mitzvah and I was doing some prep work.

Anyway, the point (and I swear there is one) is that the kids broke for snack, as they always do. The snacks are usually sweets or whatever…cookies, snack-cakes, etc. We always tell the kids to bring healthy snacks. Today, The Boy had brought peanuts and The Girl had a Clif Bar. The snack was homemade brownies and carrot-cake muffins.

Despite the fit both kids threw about how the snacks at Sunday School were way better than what they brought, neither child snuck a brownie OR a muffin!

I should mention here that I’m not all that mean; the kids eat PLENTY of junk, which is why I’m so adamant about limiting what I can when I can! The fact remains that I am overweight and I do whatever I can to keep the kids active and their food choices good ones.


  1. Wow! Now that is great! Are you sure that there isn't an illness going around? This "honesty" thing could be catchy! LOL. I would not have told about already having ice cream either.... now THAT is AMAZING! Great job Momma!

  2. Awww, that's so sweet. Honesty is refreshing, even if it comes in the form of "you have big feet." This was much better, though!

    Also - good for you, giving them healthy options. I'm sure they're not deprived of sweets, and they are learning to make good choices (at least some of the time, right?).

  3. Congrats on two great kids.

    Its great to give healthy options - as you say they can have lots of junk from many places - and the fact that they can see somewhat less healthy options and still eat the healthy ones is great. Somehow it becomes their choice (eventually they really are old enough for that) and with the grounding you are providing I'm sure they will continue to make good choices.

  4. That is so good to hear them being respectful of what they know you would agree with.... gotta make your heart feel lighter!

  5. That's so cool, makes you feel proud huh??

  6. Good for both of them...they really are great kids...just, like their parents, they can't show it all the time or we really wouldn't appreciate it when they do!

  7. You raise good children. Want to have one for me?


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