Thursday, January 22, 2009

Random Thoughts

The Girl has a death wish. We bought her an mp3 player for her birthday. Today, she was practicing gymnastics in the living room...with the headphones on! We caught her wearing it to sleep once too! She has speakers...*sigh* She's on her way to being a Darwin candidate!

I have a pedometer. Does anyone know if those things are even remotely close to anything resembling reality? Sometimes I think so, but other times...not so much. I went walking again yesterday and added another loop to my walk. According to the pedometer, I took 3605 steps, which translated to 1.7 miles. That does not sound fact, it means my estimated 1.5 - 2 mi walk was almost exactly 1.5 mi, and I'm OK with that. Is it supposed to be worn on the hip or on the shoe?

On my walk, the snow was melting off the trees. It was so pretty! The ground was definitely still slick in places, but overall, the walk was quite pleasant. Of course, that might have been due to the fact that I had neither The Dog nor the children!

A pet peeve of mine is headphones for mp3 players and iPods. They don't fit in my ears. Maybe I'm a spaz, but I cannot make them stay in my ears for more than a few seconds. It's a good thing it has been cold because I would not be able to listen to my iPod if I was not wearing ear warmers!

Blog music is funny. I have music here (obviously), but it is music that *I* like...not necessarily music YOU like. Somedays, if I have work to do, I will open a browser and pull up my blog just so I have music. (I'm a dork.) When I go to other blogs, the first thing I do is find their music and, usually, turn it off.

What's your opinion of bloggy music? What is one of your pet peeves? What was your most "Darwin" moment?


  1. i usually turn off music on blogs too, but it's because i usually read while the little ones are sleeping and 1- i don't wanna wake them 2- i want to ENJOY the peace and quiet while i can!

  2. B can't get those ear bud things to stay in his ear either.
    He prefers regular headphones.

  3. I use the 'sport' ear pieces. They wrap around your ear ... stay on much better. I hate the foam crap they sell with ear phones; makes my ears itch.

  4. I do the same thing with music - quite often I turn others off and keep my blog up in the background to hear mine... I figure, hey, it's my blog and if I wanna play sappy love music I can :)

  5. I found the perfect earphones finally, they are called Skull Candy and Target carries them. They have little rubber pieces that help fit inside the ear and really blocks out sound. They come in cute colors too!! I have hot pink that matches my hot pink iPod :)

  6. Yeah - I too usually turn the music off instantly just because most of the time, I'm sneaking at work to look at everyone's blogs & when some sort of LOUD music starts - I'm busted!

  7. My mother instilled in me a fear that headphones (okay, now they're called earbuds, but still) are damaging to ears. It's one of those things where, even if you don't exactly know why you can't do it, you just can't do it. I can't put them on.

    I keep blog music on if I like it and don't mind some sound, but sometimes it's strange to hear a song that is in complete dischord with the post you are reading.


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