Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Still going

Yeah - I know. Bizarre. All the same, I went walking again Monday. Did the same 1.5 - 2 mi route we did Sunday. I will really have to get in the car or on my bike to clock it and see exactly how far it is. It felt good, though.

Funny - one would think that by telling all of you, I'd be motivated to keep it up. We'll see. It didn't work with the bike. I only made it to about 186 miles on that sucker. Good news is that it is only January, so technically, I have a month and a half to ride the other 814 miles! Bahahaha!

Actually, I have not given up on the bike. I've given up on the 1000 miles, but not the bike. I like my bike. Maybe when the weather gets nicer...


  1. Congrats on the walk.

    Don't give up on the miles on the bike either - just change the time frame. Put those 1000 miles in over the next 345 days. You can do that one. On the days its too cold or too rainy or too hot and humid - ride the bike.

    Between the walking miles and the bike miles - you will be cruising this year.

  2. Good on you !!!

    It will get easier.so keep up the good work !!!

    I wish that I could ride my bike at the moment, but my knee injury won't let me :-(

  3. Way to go!! I'm not a big bike rider. The kids wanted me to get one last year so we could ride as a family...maybe this year...LOL

  4. Something is better than nothing - and nothing is exactly what I am doing right now, which is why you will be thin and in shape and I will still be waddling!

  5. I have no natural grace and therefore bike riding is not on my "approved methods of exercise" list. :-) I love to walk though. Except when it's cold. Good thing the Y has an indoor walking track. I suppose you could run too if you so desired but hey - let's not get crazy!

    Cudos to your effort! Makes me want to get off my duff and hoof it somewhere!


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