Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Is it really too much to ask?!

20 minutes. That's all I want. 20 minutes of solitude. 20 minutes of quiet. Can I have an "AMEN"?

We came home from work/school yesterday and I asked The Girl to see her homework. She brought home a C on her report card. She has never done that before. She has always been a straight A student; however, she has been getting careless and her grades are slipping...BIG time. We now require her to have her planner signed daily (by us and her teachers) and we check her homework.

Yesterday, she had to redo most of it. This is her problem. She rushes through her work and is careless. The result is a massive tantrum when she is told she must redo it correctly. It kills me because we spent almost an HOUR redoing work that, if she had taken her time in the first place, would have taken only about 20 - 30 minutes. Even if she'd been careless and had to redo it all (like she did), she'd have been done in an additional 15 - 20 minutes and not an hour.

Then, I asked her to please leave me alone for 20 minutes so I could decompress. No. That, apparently, was out of the question. I was attempting to work in my office. I had to shut the door. After a mere 3 minutes, The Girl plopped herself outside the door and had a fit because she was bored and I was not entertaining her.

Oh. My. God.

Of course, the longer it lasted, the more I needed to be alone. Had I opened the door, I'd have killed her for sure, and since the police frown upon that sort of activity, I had to wait her out. Finally she came to her senses, but boy howdy, what a long afternoon it was!!


  1. Are you living in my house????? This morning Essie pushed every button I have, so rather than engage in a fight, I walked away rather than engage with her. So then she yells down the hall "FINE if you don't want to TALK to me"

    ARGH!!! I'm trying to be good!!!

  2. Are you kidding? 20 minutes? You know that's an impossible request, right? And really, what would you even DO with all that spare time? The kids know it - we dedicate our lives to them ONLY because we got bored of our own and without them we'd be nothing...

    20 minutes. Sheesh!

  3. I know you are holding out hope that this stage will go away- I'm here to tell you good luck with that.
    Want a couple of teens?

  4. Oh my GOD! TOTAL AMEN! Today I wondered why does it always have to be ME? Even after ALL DAY with me, Sam wants it to be ME to play with him, ME to sit with him, ME to put him to bed. I just need a break!

  5. we are not at the school rebellion stage yet. but my 3 year old is refusing to eat and throwing clothes and blankets at me. i will not engage! i will not engage!

  6. I'll give you a big 'ol shouting AMEN! 20 minutes...shoot I'd be happy with 10 right about now! Oh the joys of motherhood!

  7. OH YEAH ~ I hear you big time only problem is it's with Mr right now. He needs to find something soon ... ugh.

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