Saturday, March 7, 2009

Because it would be too easy if there wasn't a NEW problem...

I am now typing this from our laptop...our OLD laptop. Our VERY, VERY OLD laptop. I cannot remember exactly when we got it but it was at long enough ago that it is running on Windows 98!!

Apparently, the video card is shot in my pc. I don't know exactly what that means to a computer savvy person, but to me, it sounds like a new pc (my computer savvy brother believes it is possible that the video card is in the motherboard). Regardless, it adds up to money I had not planned on spending on a computer I did not know I needed.

We have decided to limp along on this laptop until after we move. It would not be such a problem except this keyboard is funny and is prone to double-strikes whenever the spirit hits it (which, believe me, is often)! I have to type slowly and I still have multiple double-strikes! It will also randomly move the cursor mid-word, so one ends up typing half sentences in the middle of words typed long ago!

Have pity on me and forgive my sporadic posting...I had a feeling it would get worse before it got better!


  1. You could plug in your desktop keyboard into your laptop. Make it a slightly more appealing wait. :O)

  2. Hahaha - that is EXACTLY what I did today...mouse AND keyboard. Life is already looking better.


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