Thursday, March 5, 2009

Back to reality

Yesterday, my MIL left. She'd been here since February 22. That's almost TWO WHOLE WEEKS of my not doing dishes, not doing laundry, not ironing, not cleaning (OK - who am I kidding...I don't clean anyway!) and not worrying about entertaining my kids at all.

Damn, it was nice while it lasted!

Things are moving along...we still have not found our temporary place to live, but we are actively working on it. I'm going to look at some places on Monday.

I'm sitting here, racking my brain, trying to come up with something to write. It's not so much that I have nothing to say...Lord knows, that never happens! I'm just trying to come up with something interesting to say. That is hard. The kids have done nothing funny and The Husband has done nothing either. We're all too busy to be entertaining!


  1. Hi Wendy

    Write something nice to your MIL. Tell her how nice it was to have her over etc :-)

    She'll love you for it!

  2. Sounds like you have the MIL from Heaven !!! :-)

    Treasure her !!!

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  4. I'm with CarpetDog. A nice thank you is a great idea. I'm sure you have something laying around to craft up a card with...:-)


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