Saturday, April 18, 2009

Phase 3

So, we've pretty much finished Phase 3. We are completely out of the house (we have to do the walk-through, but that is all) and we're mostly settled in the temporary place. It is not bad; however, a previous tenant had cats and, well, we smell them. We've done a lot of airing out and bought some great odor stuff to get rid of the smell. For the most part, it has worked...either that or we've grown used to the smell!

We're slowly settling into a routine, which is good. I hate living in a place that is not mine. No - that's not it. I hate living among stuff that is not mine. It is difficult to do simple things like cook dinner when I don't have my 'tools' around me. Oh well. It is temporary (at last count, it was 56 days or so).

That is all for now. We *should* have Internet at home next week...

oh - and btw - had to put the comment verifier back on after someone named "ed" spammed the heck out of me. I know his comments are floating around because I didn't delete them all before I erased them from my email! JERK!!!


  1. Just remember that all this is temporary, but DON"T count the days. Before you know it you will be "Home" and have 'all your things about you,' to paraphrase Maureen O'Hara in The Quiet Man.

  2. I've totally missed why you are moving; I am guessing husband has a new job. We were moving every two years there for a while and that totally sucked. Hope your move goes as smoothly as a move can and make sure you take care of yourself during this process. If Mom ain't happy no-bodys happy ~ turst me. (((HUGS)))

  3. Glad you're getting closer to finishing this transition. We lived in a furnished condo for about 3 mths before & it's hard (especially when the furniture's uncomfortable).
    Have fun enjoying your last days there.


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