Saturday, April 25, 2009


Wow! So, I am now online...sort of! I finally managed to get everything working so that I can use the internet access on my phone to get online on The Husband's laptop. We were having a bit of trouble since this is a vista machine and doesn't always work with everything.

Anyway, life is hectic and busy. The Boy is playing baseball and having a decent year. Last night, his team was ahead by enough that he was allowed to pitch two innings! He did pretty well; he only walked two people. He's on a really good team and the only game they've "lost" was the one they had to forfeit because it was over Spring Break and they didn't have enough players.

We have a busy weekend planned, which is nothing new! Phase 4 of the big move will begin in a few weeks and we're pretty excited about that. The biggest problem we have now is that the people in this condo before us had cats and there is a distinct cat smell. UGH!! We've done a lot to air out the place and have gotten special cat-pee spray as well as odor absorbing air fresheners. It has helped a lot, but the smell still lingers in certain parts of the condo. Oh well...c'est la vie. We have only about 50 more days to go!

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  1. You will probably get used to it in time and not even notice it any more.


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