Saturday, May 9, 2009

Dinner and a Movie - $50+

Last night The Husband was gone and I didn't feel like staying home, so I decided to take the kids and go to a movie. Yes - the same kids who drove me bonkers yesterday were "treated" to dinner and a movie. You got a problem with that?! Didn't think so!

Anyway...I took them to Chick-fil-a for dinner and then to the movies. Dinner was fun and easy. The movie was really cute. We saw 17 Again. The kids loved it; I was impressed. I expected far less than what I saw, although I will say that I'm wondering if Mr. Efron can do more than dance and play basketball!

Dinner was not all that expensive, but by the time I added the movie and the requisite popcorn and M&Ms...and drinks, I'd spent over $50! In fact, it was closer to $60, if not just over...and that was for myself and two kids under 12! No wonder we don't do this often - and the last time the four of us went to a movie together was probably two years ago!


  1. It IS astounding! We always bring our own candy and a drink for Monsoon, so all we have to buy there are popcorn and a drink for hubs and I to split. Still, that only cuts about 15 bucks off the tag.

  2. I hear you! I always put gift certs from movie venues on Christmas lists. It's amazing we still stand for these prices now a days.
    Hope you have a great Mother's Day weekend!

  3. I hope they treat you well today, you deserve it!! Everything is so expensive, but it is the memories you give them, so that is worth it.


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