Friday, May 8, 2009


OK. I know I'm not special. I mean I am - we all are - but I'm not in this regard.

My kids are complete asses jerks toward each other. I don't know why this is; it just is. I am often astounded by the way they act toward each other. They seem to go above and beyond the call of duty in terms of pissing each other off. I've never seen anything like it. And - if I have to ask them something, it is guaranteed they will make sure they do not agree. The other day we were at the grocery store. They wanted sugar-water juice pouches. I told them they could get a bottle of juice. They starting picking out different kinds. I said they could get ONE jar of juice and they had to agree on the flavor. That didn't work. They even agreed to do rock-paper-scissors and the winner (2 out of 3) would get to choose since they could not agree. The Girl won; however, The Boy refused to back down. Guess who didn't get any juice?!

Today, they are out of control. She wants to play with a friend; He refuses to go. The friend lives in our neighborhood, but far enough that we require them to go together. They have always gone together and had fun, but today it is NOT going to happen. Today, The Boy refuses to do anything The Girl suggests...and vice versa.

When they had a snack today, The Boy was getting a glass of water. The Girl asked him to please pour her some. He snidely turned and said "You wouldn't pour me any this morning!" Of course, the reason for this was that she was running terribly late because she had to have a full-blown temper tantrum over the "fact" that she has absolutely NOTHING TO WEAR, which, of course, is entirely MY fault since I "refuse to buy [her] anything at all!"

I'm so darned tired of all this nonsense. The problem, of course, is that The Boy is 11 and The Girl is 10. I am in no hurry to rush their lives; on the contrary, I wish they'd slow down. At the same time, I know the teen years are going to SUCK! I'm thinking some long vacations with a certain Auntie are on the horizon!

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